Secret Sound Contest



                IT’S BACK!!!!!




Play the Blazer Secret Sound contest weekdays starting September 16, 2019!

We will play at 7:00 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. ET Monday though Friday.  The first caller gets to guess the sound.  If they guess correctly, they will win a Blazer prize pack featuring a pair of tickets to Holiday World’s Halloween Weekends!

Sound #5 Winner!  Megan Howder  “A jingling toilet handle”

Sound #5 Incorrect guesses:

  1.  A pop can coming out of a vending machine
  2. Coins in a jar
  3. Bells inside of something
  4.  Cow bell
  5. Trani track
  6. Keys

Sound #5 Clues

Clue #1 You could hear this in a bathroom.


Sound #4 Winner! Alice Sexton “A straw in a cup”

Sound #3 Winner! Dawn Haynes “A printer”

Sound #2 Incorrect guesses:

  1.  A Copy Machine
  2. A Clothes Dryer
  3. Popcorn Machine
  4. Cassette Tape
  5. Vaccumm

Sound #2 Winner!  Nicole Junkin “A candle with a lid’

Sound #1 Clues

Clue #1 They are sometimes fragrant.

Clue #2 You can light it.

Sound #2 Incorrect guesses:

  1. A tin can scratching something
  2. A shovel
  3. Scratching on a pan
  4. An engine starting
  5. A spoon on a metal pan
  6. A snow sprayer
  7. Change in a jar
  8. Can opener
  9. Train on a track
  10. Garbage Disposal
  11. The center piece in the board game Trouble
  12. Nails in a coffee can
  13. Coffee grinder
  14. Old fashioned wash board
  15. Turning a lid on a jar
  16. Opening food

Sound #1-Winner Nikki Butler!  “A tin of mints being shaken”


Clue #1 “Whoever wins will taste a ‘sweet’ victory”

Clue #3 It can fit in the palm of your hand.